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Monday, April 11, 2011

Please, Flutter By

I am a butterfly, bird and bunny kind of girl...no huge dogs who jump up for me! I love to watch the aforementioned little creatures...because butterflies and bunnies are quiet and gentle, and birds have a sunny disposition for the most part. (Please, don't think I am anti-animal...I just don't like to be slurped "on.") I am happy to report that the butterflies have arrived in my yard and I thought it was the perfect day to capture some of their beauty and grace.

So out came the tissue, paints and Mod Podge! Steps here included: tearing white and caramel colored tissue paper into wings shapes. Cutting out a scrapbook paper body. Using scrapbook paper to "edge" all around. Mod Podge all onto canvas. This is the foundation. The picture below is the starting point.

From here, I painted the background, the details of the butterfly (veins, etc.) with acrylic paints. I then used Tim Holtz distressing ink to "age", painted on subtle gray squares

and outlined squares with black ink.

With lots of patience and some tweaking here and there...here is the result.

Lately, all my pictures appear darker than they really are and of course, this is no exception. Let me get up close and personal and maybe you can discern the real deal.

The texture is added with the crinkled tissue paper. I use tissue as a foundation for most of my mixed media art.
The weekend was hectic...lots to do...little time for everything...I had to put on the brakes and say, "Stop the madness!" and take a butterfly break. Hope your week begins and ends well. I am linking to Metamorphosis Monday...that's appropriate, isn't it? And Boogieboard Cottage!

Flutter on by and visit,


Mary Anne Komar said...

That is beautiful! Lovely representation! Would love to see actual steps in the process.

Linda Starr said...

These are so beautiful; they look almost tea stained, antique like they are out of a very ancient book. I have a giveaway on my blog right now, check it out.

4mckenzies said...

LOVE this! Beautiful!