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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bring Back Pink!!

For me, PINK SATURDAY always poses a conundrum of sorts. (For those of you who are new to this blog, I enjoy linking up with Beverly at her blog, How Sweet the Sound, on Saturday. She sponsors a party where all the bloggers who participate show something pink. Click on the words PINK SATURDAY above and visit!) Beverly was even kind enough to feature my blog last Saturday!

Here is what I have noticed about myself. On Thursday, I begin thinking about what I'd like to highlight. Of course, it must be pink and therein lies the dilemma. I begin poking around in drawers and such trying to unearth anything pink...did you understand what I just said? IN DRAWERS AND SUCH! Gulp...I must admit, that most of my pink items are tucked away.

It seems to me that most of you who participate in PS proudly display your pink for all the world to see....on a daily basis. But, I on the other hand, have hidden mine away. My guest bedroom was once all in pink...very fluffy,very frilly, very flowery, very feminine. Then a very dear relative moved in for a year or so, and he being male, the pink and white scheme seemed a little...well, TOO over the top...even for someone quite unfazed by such nonsense.

So out went pink and in came a more contemporary "gender neutral" scheme. Now, those words frighten me...I've noticed that MANY things in our society are going that direction...gender neutral. So I am reconsidering ... I might just bring back the pink in my life. What in the world is wrong with BEING feminine and expressing it in different parts of your home, I ask? Well, the answer is NOT ONE THING!! Do you feel the same way?

My entry today in PS includes my mother's little pitcher collection. She loved ALL things pink, and I love these little reminders of her femininity. She wasn't much of a collector... a few things here and there, but she loved her pitchers. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

May pink be an expression of your femininity,


Carol at Serendipity said...


What a lovely post. I had a little pitcher collection as a child. I have no idea whatever happened to it. Sad. I do have pink in my bedroom but a darker shade with green.

I am your newest follower. Happy Pink Saturday.

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Angela, this is one of the cutest PInk Saturday posts I have ever seen!!! :D What a cute idea...all the little pitchers with pink flowers on them!

Kerrie said...

Beautiful and delicate, love all the pieces!

Marydon said...

Angela, what sweet rose pieces ... love the wee set.
Happy PS April ~

FUN GIVEAWAY ends 4/10

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love pretty tea sets! Pink is the prettiest! ♥

Picket said...

Morning girl....what beautiful treasures of your mama's! I am not much of a pink girl in the house but I love it outside in the flowers! lol I read you post on #110...sorry your 'stick' is being discontinued...lol oh sorry...not really laughing here...but I am one that rarely ever wears 'stick'...but my sister...oh lordy that is a case within itself...she must have it on at all times and even when we go out to lunch together she will apply her fresh 'stick' right at the table! lol
Thanks so much for coming by sweetie...hope you are having a great weekend....Picket

Tricia said...

Your Mother's pitchers are so dainty and pretty. I smiled at your comments about displaying pink. I learned that my dad didn't like pink, so I shunned it for many years. I am now coming back to the pink! : ) Thanks for posting and keep on sharing the pink.

Blessings and happy belated Pink Sat.