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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Do You Ever Have a Hankerin'?

Ok, so I open Blogger and it's been completely revised....grrrrr....

In the south, we often say that "we have a hankerin" to do something...a hankerin' for fried catfish, to take a walk, to work in the yard...well, this morning I got one...a hankerin'...a hankerin' to repaint my foyer.
Yes, I know...it's tiny...like really, really tiny. But that's the great thing about it! It doesn't take much paint or much time and before you know it...you have a different look! It's been painted red, rust, light green, dark green, aqua, cream and now Duck Egg Blue! Above is before...mossy green. Below is After!

This picture isn't the true color...too much light coming through the front door.
Below is the before of the wall you see when you enter the front door.

This is a Betty McCool print. I love the colors and the print itself, but I had another place to put her and I wanted to change it up a little and hang a new painting by Brandon artist, Cherry Roundtree. Mrs. McCool is probably my all time favorite Mississippi artist. I have a number of her prints and would never move them out of my house...this is just a little departure and shakin' up the place was part of my hankerin'.

I moved the pineapple container I had this arrangement in and put the arrangement in my McCarty cotton row vase. The color of the wall appears to be two colors, one lighter on the top, but that's just the sunlight coming through the door. It's all one color. BTW: I lightly painted the berries in the arrangement...what color? DE blue, of course. I've gone DE nuts.
On to the living room. The couch (as much as I like it) is "heavy" in the summer months. I need to lighten it up. Using another Betty McCool print as my inspiration, I set out to bring Duck Egg into the living room by using small touches of the color here and there. Found some pillows, but they aren't doing it for me. 

If you will look carefully in the upper right hand corner of the above pic, you will see the print. It has all the colors of the couch and in addition to those, the little boy has on duck egg stockings and cuffs and collar. Now, I know I missed on the blue pillows. Tomorrow is another day and I will do better, I promise. But I photographed them on the couch to see the effect. YIKES! Looks like some type of  road kill.

Do I dare paint this little old table? It's been in my mother in law's home for ever...do I or don't I?
Why, heck yeah, I paint it! It's just enough and I Annie Sloan-ed it. (Secret revealed...I couldn't afford to Annie my foyer...so I matched the paint at Wal Mart and it's a VERY good match!) But the table has the real deal.

One other little tip...I Annie-ed the old book below, too. Painted and waxed it. What fun!

Tomorrow will be a treasure hunt for two pillows and any other little touches of the DE I can rummage up. Last thing my sister said to me this morning was, "Now don't overdo it".  Me?   Please.
If you are ever "blue", I hope it's Duck Egg,

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Amanda said...

My hubby gets scared when I 'get a hankerin' in the last few weeks I painted the kitchen and bathroom whilst he was at work!

The foyer looks great, great idea to save pennies by getting a colour match. Love the side table, so cute, and painting a book, great idea!