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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Help Our American Idol!!

Hello, everyone! Hope you are having a good week! I've come to ask your help! As you know (or maybe you don't!) my home state of Mississippi is extremely proud to have a top 7 performer in the present American Idol competition.

Now, this isn't just any ole performer...Skylar Laine Harden graduated last year from the high school in which I teach and her father is one of my all time favorite assistant principals! So our town of Brandon, Mississippi's honor is at stake here!!

Not only is Skylar a superior performer, she is a musician and a song writer...you will see a whole lot of her in the years to come. She TRULY IS the Whole Enchilada!!!
I am asking a favor of all my friends in blogland...WOULD YOU PLEASE VOTE FOR SKYLAR TOMORROW NIGHT (WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18) AFTER THE AMERICAN IDOL SHOW? You can vote as many times as you wish and you can vote online or by text message.

Skylar is up against some stiff competition, but she is up to the challenge. Our state is solidly behind her, but we need a little help from our friends! So if you don't have a relative in the competition...would you cast your vote for our hometown gal?

Be sure and tune into Fox 40 Wednesday night,

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Libby said...

Well said! She is indeed the total package! Please vote for her!