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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall....

Can you stand one more post on the Annie Sloan Chalk paint? Today I remembered a lovely gold leaf mirror that was hiding at Dwellings. I grabbed it and as you can see, it was quite pretty just as it was...however,

Just a little too gold for my taste.

So I "Old Whited" it and let it dry.

Then I "Duck Egg" blued it and wiped away both colors on some areas so the gold could twinkle through. A little clear wax all over and dark wax in a few areas finished it off.

Look up close and you will see the sheen that the clear wax imparted and the depth that the dark wax added.
This added so much beauty that I was astonished at how easy and how fun it was to do the transformation.

I also had a small wrought iron piece that needed a little attention.

Above BEFORE. Below AFTER.

Hope you will try this paint soon!

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