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Monday, April 9, 2012

Hippity Hoppity, Easter's On Its Way!

Happy "After" Easter, my sweet followers! Hope you had a peaceful day! It was beautiful outside and we had a quiet, but happy day. My dad and his vivacious, lovely friend, Marianne, visited for lunch. The rest of the afternoon was spent resting and then toward sundown, I got the "Annie Sloan" fever. (Next post.)
I was late getting out my Easter decorations this year. Traipsing up the ladder to the attic was too much to face, but the hubster made it easier by traipsing for me.

I post these pictures for several reasons...NOT TO BRAG or to "have SWAG"! I post them as a reminder for myself of the decorations used each year. And I hope you might see some little something that you can use in your own decorating. I love seeing what others do with their homes, hope you do,too! Below are some candid shots of the table, etc.

China: Lenox Brookdale Silver: Gorham Buttercup Crystal: Elyse by Tiffin
Still love my selections after all these years!

Setting: B&B plate; dinner plate; ecru crochet place mats and coasters; vintage linen napkin.

I've had these bunnies for quite a few years.
They are centered on a Shelia Clark ruffled pottery platter.

Mercury glass candle holders with birchbark candles.

BTW: the tablecloth isn't a tablecloth at all, but some beautiful fabric!

I scattered my vintage Easter cards all over the place!!

Marianne's "favors" to take home.

Bits and pieces of the centerpiece.

Buffet with pottery raccoons and moss mushrooms.

Lefton bunny was an Easter gift from a dear friend.
More vintage Easter cards..."more is more" when it comes to cards.

China hutch with all my favorite OLD bunnies.

Robin's nest on my tiny kitchen work table.

The velveteen rabbits!

Close up of the china hutch.

Snow bunnies. I love them AND their cousins, Snow babies!

I painted these bunnies for my mother years ago. She kept them on her bedroom dresser year round. Even though they match nothing in my house, I display them in remembrance of her. I especially miss her on holidays like Easter. She loved "fixing" up her house with her decorations.

Even the backdoor bench got a dose of bunniness!

Hope you had a peaceful Easter,

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Ila East said...

I'm one of those people who does not decorate for any holiday. I used to before we retired, but it's just not my "thing" any longer. But, I do like to see what others do. All your decorations are lovely and it makes them so much more significant when you tell about them too.