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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Tour: 2011

Christmas is here! I can't believe it's been a year since I posted a Christmas tour! This year I started every room with an inspiration piece and worked from there. Usually I make the decorations fit. I have finished the dining room, living room and kitchen. Take a tour!

Inspiration for living room was my beloved Betty McCool print.
I LOVE the colors, they are my very favorites...

rusty red, dusty gold and little bits of blue-green.

I bought ribbon accordingly. Glad Fads and Frames had theirs 60% off!

I repositioned the tree to the front window this year.

Topper was fun to construct...

feathers, birds, berries, ribbons and glittered Merry Christmas and seed pods.

Birdies of all types abounded...chirp, chirp...hoot, hoot...etc.

I really enjoy decorating nature inspired trees.

It brings out my "wild" side..lol.

Fireplace is all decked out...

(after going to WM at 10 pm for more lights...grrrrr.

This is really where you see my wild side.)

That leopard ribbon got a work out at my house this year.

My mother's secretary gets a touch of red and green.

Some of my paperweights get into the act.

On to the dining room, which is connected to the kitchen...have to be careful here.
Dining area inspirations...some new pictures.

Oil on canvas and wonderfully painted. (Not by me, I must confess.)

Nothing in my house has anything related to shells...however, I am always willing to try something new...so shells, it is!

Coordinating ribbons are pictured below...I used the copper and leopard from the living room to tie things together from one room to the next.

I added lime and turquoise to change it up a bit.

This tree drives everyone in my family nuts, but me! It leans...so?

It's tough living with perfectionists.

Since I had NO shell ornaments, I just glued hangers on the back of shells and hung them as ornaments...the topper is some sort of sea creature.

My Peter's pottery vase and McCarty shells came in handy here.

Side hutch doesn't need too much...it's getting a little busy.

You know how I am about visual noise.

Nativity scene has been updated some since this picture.

Ribbon on the buffet lamps and

more glittery ornaments set at different heights have been added.

Kitchen inspiration...bowl of new and vintage ornaments...

notice lime, turquoise and red appear again.

Below is the transition piece from dining room to kitchen...

And no holiday is complete without a lantern!

McCarty jade bowl and nutmeg squirrel reside happily together.

on my new little island.

Enough for now!!

I still have a few rooms to add...but I don't want to drive you as crazy as I drive my family. (Small doses of me is the prescription, they say.)

Hope your holidays are in full swing,


frances said...

Looks awesome..I try to do a little decorating in every room too. Hope you have a fantastic Christmas Cheers Frances

Jessica Broome said...

So beautiful...makes my own tree look like a reject from Charlie Brown Christmas.

misspearl38901 said...

Post all the pictures you want to post for those of us who love looking!
Those who don't want to see them can just... not look! :)

hannah singer said...

you've really put me in the christmas spirit!

thanks again for your encouraging guest post! xo

mississippi artist said...

Your decorations are beautiful. I only did the living-diningroom this year.I can't work during Christmas and put out decorations too!