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Friday, November 18, 2011

Library Christmas Tour

Well, it feels like I'm coming home! Thank you for being patient with me as I transition to a new business venture. I'm embarrassed to admit that I never knew how difficult it was to own one's own business...it is very difficult!

Until May, I am still at school and this is one of my favorite times of the year because I get to decorate the school tree! I wanted to share our 2011 decorations with you.

This is the tree from the foyer. As you walk through the front doors of the school, it's the first thing you see!

This year's theme is music and we used silver and gold to carry our message.

Our bow is gold and white mesh with a sheer white filler ribbon
adorned with silver and golden polka dots.

Ribbon for our topper and these beautiful ornaments are from guess who?
Paul Michael's!

All but eight of the ornaments were Dollar Tree and WM finds. We picked up some big musical notes for 5 cents a piece at Hudson's . The fans were made from old Christmas music.

The two little Russell's are pleading with Santa not
to overlook their wonderful behavior this year!!

Each year a very special class at our school makes wonderful ornaments for our tree. We coordinate with them and this year they will be making angels for this tree. I decorated it like this until they put their ornaments on...we love these students and appreciate their making our library so special. Teachers and students purchase the ornaments and I must say we have all amassed quite a collection over the years.

Now who do you suppose sings the sweetest Christmas melodies?
Well, angels, of course!

I must admit these were a labor of love...folding each page of a 250 page book takes about 3 hours...then there is the head, the hair, the halo, the wings!

I hope you agree that they lend a nostalgic air to the setting. White lights twinkle from under the burlap background. Snowy pine and white feather boa adds softness. If you are interested, the angels are on sale at my shop, Dwellings..Re-Fined. They are $25. I hate to say it, but I don't think they will mail very well... :(

Other little touches are our small library display table tree.

Ornaments on curly willow branches...

And gold mercury glass combined with silk magnolia wreaths.

I have been asked every year, "Why do you go to such lengths to decorate the library?" Or, "Who has the time and why would you spend it that way?" May I be blunt? Each year somebody asks to have their picture made in front of the tree. Why do you think that is? For some it's fun to have their friends gather and the photo makes a nice remembrance...but for others, this IS their tree. We do it for everybody, but especially for them....they make my heart sing when they express appreciation or delight. Why? Why indeed!
Once again, I've regained my footing and hope to post more often.
For those who have stayed, thank you...I have really missed posting.

Giving thanks for you,


hannah singer said...

i would SO love that, if it were my school tree!
you're so thoughtful. the decorations are lovely-wonderful job!!

thinking of you and praying all is well! xo

Michelle said...

Awesome job...as always! You are a miracle worker when it comes to decorating! Hope you are able to take a "break" this Thanksgiving!

hisbelovedfirst said...

How did you make the angels?

Anonymous said...

would love to know how you folded the pages to make the tall angel where it is round at the bottom and wing like at the top,,,clare at brighteyes1952@yahoo.com