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Monday, September 5, 2011

Three For the Price of One Today!

Three items to offer today.
1. Pinterest Instructions
2. My porch bench for Fall

3. No Reply Comments

Pinterest Instructions
Q: What is Pinterest?
When you receive an invite to join Pinterest, the world is at your fingertips! You make your own virtual bulletin boards and pin things you love on them. Plus this eliminates the need for lots of paper files...they are all on your computer.

Q: Where do you get things to pin?
From anywhere on the web.
Example: I want to see Fall decorating ideas. First, I make a Fall Decor Board (it tells you how on your Pinterest tool bar). Then in the Search box, you type in Fall decor. Hundreds (maybe thousands) of ideas pop up. When you see something you like. Click on the picture.You then click in the upper lefthand corner of that picture, REPIN. Choose which of your bulletin boards you'd like to pin the item to (on the drop down box) and click on the name of the board. Put a description if you want or use the one that's already there. Then click RePin. (Do NOT click LIKE!.."Like" just means you like it, but the item did NOT go on your board.) Then when you see SUCCESS, you click the big X in the upper right corner and go back to Fall Decor. You may pin from anywhere, blogs, etc.

Q: How do I "Follow" someone?
"Search" for their boards or use the little toolbar to "Find Friends" and when you find them, click "Follow" under their picture. Lots of bloggers have Pinterest "Follow" buttons on their blogs.
I had trouble doing everything at first. Email me if you have problems, and I will try to help you.

My Fall Porch Bench
Remember yesterday's post? My bench buying didn't stop there...I spied a perfect little orange bench at the other Flea Market just as I was leaving!

I love orange and it was just beat up enough for me! The porch isn't finished, but I just started playing around with the composition enough to show you a little.

(The hubster calls it "fluttering".)

I changed out the zinnias I had cut for some silk mums which made a bolder statement. For some reason I had these mums, but they had no stems.

Not to be daunted...I went to the kitchen and found my wooden skewers and inserted them into the mums. Viola..."Necessity is the Mother of Invention" I always say.

I like the burst of color!

My concrete squirrel is placed in honor of the millions I have in my yard...grrrrr. I thought the polka dot ribbon on his tail was quite appropriate. They think they own the place.
Now the bench needs some TLC...I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to do, but I will show you the finished product when it's FINISHED. It will stay orange!

No Reply Comments

Now, to number three on my list, the NO reply comment. So many of you make the nicest comments and I'd love to reply, but when you send them without your email, I assume you don't want me to reply! If that is so, that's fine, but I don't want anyone to think I don't reply to the comments, because I try to reply to every one of them. Check before you send and make sure your email is on the comment if you'd like a response to your sweet comments! I LOVE my Followers (and any of my readers) and thank you very much for your kindness to me!

Hope your labor day was labor free,
PS: My Flea Market booth flooded (along with everyone else's...) I'm ready for Lee to move on. We all worked all morning getting the water out and throwing stuff away. Yikes!!


Beth said...

I always love reading your blog. So glad you are enjoying pinterest, I knew you would. I am sooooo addicted. Now, if only I would complete all I have pinned!

Ila said...

I'm not much of a decorator, more whatever works, works type. But I like to see what others do.