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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Along With Fall, Crazy Sets In At Our House

I finished this weekend what I began last. I took advantage of the cool temperatures to get the outside of the house really ready for fall. Saturday we took the truck to various places to buy mums and red mulch. Then we began tackling the outside in earnest. I found these berries to add to my Welcome Bench (see here.)

Then I freshened up the porch Baker's Rack. This is a transitional picture of Before.

I removed all the flowers, etc. and the accumulated summer clutter, washed it and did a little transformation.

I found this poor little wreath in the "Please Take Me Home" pile of 40% off stuff at Tues. Morning. I snapped her up at $4. I saw potential under all those leaves! And after my "experience" at Wal Mart and the muffin top, I think I deserved it.

Here she is in all her autumn glory! I like the meshes that are so hot right now. I added some $ Tree flowers and I think she looks much better surrounding my porch lantern.

Do you remember last weekend's post about the small orange bench? What to do? What to do?
I brought around some wrought iron chairs from the back porch, added pillows, put the bench in between and added an old water urn filled with an autumn bouquet.

I wanted to paint her up and make her not quite so chippy. But I honestly haven't had time. That will be another project...maybe some Annie Sloan paint?

I keep my "outdoor" flowers separate from my "indoor" ones. They are each in their own container...after a month or so outside, I'm not a fan of bringing them indoors...might have a lizard attached...yikes.

I mixed artificial with real in the bouquet...rose hips from my bushes, grasses, etc.

I moved Rosie the Rocker to the side porch. I'll add a little table and she will be perfect for that little quick cup of coffee and a rock before the day begins. We mulched all the beds, planted the mums and cleaned all the porches....outside is pretty much finished...until the real pumpkins come in. Then I moved inside. I unearthed this ribbon from a stash I've been saving. Isn't it beautiful? It's from India and was super expensive...I bought it 90% off...who in their right mind would pay that much for a roll of ribbon? But 90% off is just about right.

Look at the detail...lovely.

Now, a tip I learned from a friend years ago and I've been using it ever since. I buy fresh hazelnut coffee beans, spread them in a container and nestle a Hazelnut Cream candle from WM in amongst the beans. When the warmth of the candle warms the beans, it's a heavenly aroma.

I found the hurricane at a garage sale for two dollars...I added some dried rose hips and cinnamon sticks to the mix and set the whole thing on a framed piece of crazy quilt.

See how pretty it looks on the hearth? Speaking of crazy, I enjoy making pillows and wall hangings from felt and beads. The pillow is one I made years ago and she resides on an auction chair that I paid way too much for and don't let anyone sit in because I'm afraid her legs are much too delicate...go figure.

Changing some minor details brings the season indoors. This is a vignette BEFORE "falling it up". And one minor change...do you see it? Makes the difference, doesn't it? Have I exhausted you yet?

I've posted my other autumn decorations on previous posts, so I'm really almost through inside too. I will add pumpkins and turkeys as the months dictate but all in all, I'm ready to welcome Autumn with open arms...

Happy Fall Ya'll,


Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Angela, everything looks so lovely, and I really like the crazy quilts. They are so neat! The embroidered ribbon is *to die for*

Fall has arrived at Chez Angela!!!

Honey at 2805 said...

Thanks for the tour, Angela! You really did some Fall decorating! Thanks for all the tips. I really like that ribbon!

Would be pleased if you joined Potpourri Friday, link up starts to Thursday afternoon. Come check it out! We have had giveaways the past two weeks and probably will have another this week.

Debbie @ ribbonwoodcottage.blogspot.com said...

Hi Angela, beautiful tour. Love your kitchen counter and all that you have done. Thanks for your visit too.

K @ Aurora Blythe said...

I really like the coffee beans around the candle in the large hurricane glass. Mmmmm.... can almost smell its goodness now!

Amanda said...

I got my coffee beans out today! I feel like I have "decorator's block" with all this fall stuff staring at me and not out yet!

You've inspired me!

Michelle said...

I love your fall decor! Great job:-)

hannah singer said...

as always, you styled everything so perfectly.
love that little orange bench...and those pillows!

Joy Burkhart said...

Gorgeous decorating Angela! I love the beautiful ribbon and at 90% off, WOW! The coffee beans and candle is a must try for me...coffee junkie here. I pinned it to my Autumn board, so I'd be able to find it again. Love, too, the wreath re-do! A little imagination, a few picks and ribbon did wonders! Thanks for all the ideas.