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Sunday, September 18, 2011

* On the Scene: Rehearsal Dinner Report

My friend, Mrs. Anonymous and I were honored to help decorate for our friend, Linda's son's rehearsal dinner Friday, September 16. We arrived in Tupelo, Ms after lunch ready to "get her done"! Bishop's Florist assisted in carrying out our vision for the evening and did a really masterful job.

The dinner was held at twilight on the rooftop dining room of Park Heights Restaurant. I had never decorated "on the roof" before and it was quite an interesting afternoon. I was greatly concerned that our hair wouldn't "last" in the humidity and the breezy conditions ( I don't carry off the Jane Jetson hair look very well)...but it turned out to be a perfect day high atop the restaurant overlooking the park.

This was our view from one vantage point about 4 p.m. Below, the scenery changed dramatically as the sun set and the lights came on all throughout the city.

The seating area was quite a welcoming area for guests as they arrived.

Pictured below is Mr. Anonymous catching up on the day's news after driving Miss Daisy and Madame Butterfly (as he calls us) all over the country Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. What a brave and accommodating soul he was!

One of the restaurant's wait staff watches as a hot air balloon floats over the rooftops.

One of Mrs. Anonymous' (aka Miss Daisy) favorite decorations were the large sunflower heads sculpted into votive holders. (Last time I saw her, she was carrying them inside her house to do something with.)

As the sun set, we prepared for the arrival of the guests from the rehearsal.

The happy little couple poses for the four millionth picture and then led the way to the tables.

The color palette was beautiful. After the dinner, "Miss Daisy" insisted that we take the wreaths apart and put all the flowers together into one large wreath (see below). Mr. Anonymous and I helped her tear all the wreaths apart in the parking lot of the Hilton and dismantle them one by
one. (We had an audience by the time we were through and looked like a roving floral team of gypsies.) Then I "babysat" the thing in my room the rest of the weekend. I had to periodically "mist" it with my hair mister. It was like having a child with me. I digress...

Above is my weekend companion.
Below is the napkin setting for the dinner.

Every little detail was lovingly planned.
Ah, young love...such hopes and dreams! It restores your faith in humanity as you see a new couple launch out into the married world!!

I snapped lots of pictures for the family and just wanted to share some of the more public ones via the blog.

Perfect in every way except for one little hitch... let me explain.
The wedding took place at the bride's beautiful country home. Everyone was enchanted with the setting. As you approach the home, guests were seated looking toward the front walk entry, NOT the front porch. The bride entered from her front door and made her way down the steps, up the white mum lined walk and entered the wrought iron gazebo at the end of the sidewalk. It was traditionally beautiful....and we almost missed the whole thing.

Why, you ask? Please, let me tell you.

Miss Daisy overslept while taking her afternoon beauty nap and we left the hotel about twenty minutes late. As Mr. Daisy was cruising briskly down the highway, Miss Daisy remembered she hadn't turned off her hair curling iron...so back to the hotel we go...as she lept (and I use that term loosely) from the back of the Yukon, she sprinted (again, loosely) to the elevator and to her room. Except the card key had been demagnitized by her cell phone and she couldn't enter. Down she comes, screams that she can't get in, grabs Mr. Daisy's card and off she goes again for another try.

Finally, we get underway and drive the 25 minutes to the home...upon arriving it was now 2 minutes until the ceremony and as Mr. Daisy parks the car we both gingerly limp down the driveway and are met by 200 sets of eyes (that's 400 eyeballs if you are counting)...Just as we are just a few yards from the "goal line", I notice Daisy isn't beside me...she rasps..."I dropped my purse"..."So pick it up," I hiss. Everyone is watching..."NO! I can't it's in this ditch!". I turn and to my horror, see the silver metal purse at the bottom of a 4 foot culvert. It looks like a silver fish about to swim away. An official wedding man comes toward me and says, "Hurry, we've got to get you seated. The ceremony is about the begin." I turn and look at Daisy and have to make a decision, the ceremony or my friend....I make the decision and sign in and am seated....I know what you are thinking, but after all, she had Mr. Daisy to come to the rescue at some point and I wasn't missing this event because of some purse even if it did have all her important cards, breath mints and such in it. Besides, what could I do? I have two bum knees (just like she does). What if we had both fallen in? Then neither of us could have gotten up. At least this way, one of us would be able to say we saw the service.

For some reason, I began laughing convulsively....as did the audience as we approached the crowd. All of a sudden, she was there...with her purse. Then, out of no where, Mr. Daisy appeared and all ended well.
We had a great evening and returned to the hotel full of best wishes for the new couple (and full of the great dinner we had after the ceremony!) It was so special to be a part of such wonderful families and their heart felt wishes for a joyous life for their children.

If your purse has a strap, use it,


Anonymous said...

Having been a witness to the "purse event", I can honestly say that it was HYSTERICAL!!! PIctures of the Friday night party were beautiful. You two did a great job!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could have witnessed all of that action. I knew something terrible had gone wrong when the groom's father informed me that you all were just ahead of his sister who had been lost for about 30 minutes. The pictures are beautiful. You all did such a great job decorating for this special event. I can't wait for the happy couple to see this.

hannah singer said...

you. are. hilarious.

i love how y'all designed everything, beautiful! and the venue is gorgeous! xo

Rebecca Russell said...

Yes. Funny story! Ha!

Deb said...

Enjoyed the blog...came upon it after googling Park Heights...we're having the rehearsal dinner for my son and his fiancee there in May...they met while he was attending and playing football for Ole Miss. I can see we picked the right locale.
~from SC to MS~