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Thursday, March 20, 2014

What I've Learned Lately....Very Lately

Wow! It seems forever since I blogged. So much has happened in the few months since I sat down and actually expressed my thoughts on here.

My mother in law and my father recently passed away within 16 days of each other. Both had been ill for the better part of a year and we found ourselves consumed with their care. We have been tethered to our home for the better part of five years because both my husband and I were always "uncomfortable"  going out of town for more than a day with both parents not being well.

It's amazing what you learn about people when the "chips are down". I discovered that a simple note on a card or Facebook or a reassuring phone call can make all the difference in one's feelings. A container of chicken noodle soup is truly good for the soul when presented with love and concern. Attending a funeral or visitation means more than I ever really knew. Why did I NOT understand this years ago? And how will those learned things change the way I act and view others and their problems?

God chose the perfect time to call our loved ones home. A long, cold winter has ended and spring is just around the corner. My husband's grandmother's 100 year old flower bulbs are in full bloom....a sign that spring still represents the renewed hope that life on this earth continues...at least until God gently opens His arms and calls us to our REAL home.

As I begin to put my thoughts down on "virtual paper" once again, it's with the hope that something you read here will help, encourage or boost your spirit to a better, kinder, gentler self.

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