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Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Tale of Two Camellias

Even though I have a cold and am bone tired, someone very special to me gave us two camellias in memory of my mother in law and my daddy, and we really needed to get them planted. They appeared slightly in distress and today was the only day to do it or who knows what might happen to them.
                                     {Pretend you see a picture of two beautiful camellias here.}

So not only am I dealing with emotional turmoil, a new laptop with Windows 8, and a bad cold, here we are out on a cold Sunday afternoon trying to plant two huge camellia bushes! I took some really pretty pictures of the blooms, but I can't figure out how to transfer the pictures from my phone or camera to the new laptop...oh, double ugh!
                                     {This space should contain a picture of the bed before.}
We had originally planned to revamp a flower bed by the dining room window and it had been tilled and was essentially ready for planting. I wanted to use dry stacked stone for the border. But as time had gone by, I decided that landscape stones , aka concrete shaped stones, would be more cost effective and probably be a little neater. So started the stone search saga...
                                      {Here's the picture of the "stone" we wanted.}
"Let's just run to Home Depot," I implored, "and get it over with." Why certainly... except everything that's listed "in store" is NOT and there wasn't one person who could help us. Here we stood on a wet Sunday afternoon, nose running like a faucet, and not a person in HD could help us find the stone of our search. After 25 futile minutes, we elected to "run by" Walmart...the same stone was nearly a dollar per stone HIGHER! What?! So off we trekked to a more local store, Sutherland's. Need I say more? We came home with a shrimp skewer dinner from Captain D's.
                                         {Picture of Shrimp Skewer Dinner}
We decided to just "till" up the soil and add some stuff and plant the bushes...the border could be put in later...after another hour of labor, the bushes were in...the birdbath had been relocated in between and everything was ready for some extra planting and the elusive border. Just as I sat down to jot this post, out of the corner of my eye, guess who I saw trounce the pink camellia? Yep, our sweet Dottie. I think she may have run away from home after her scolding...

It's almost 6:30, may I go to bed now?

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