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Monday, September 2, 2013

September 1st...It's Fall To Me! Fall Tour

Living room gets a hint of fall.
Whether a rebellious red leaf who falls early has been spotted or September the first arrives, I declare it Fall!! And you know what that means!! Time for Fall tips and tours. Viewing other people's houses and their Autumn decor always sets me on fire to get mine done, too. After several months away from the blog, I decided that September 1 would be my target date to get back in the saddle and "giddy up" by crackie, I'm here. Only my dining and living areas are decorated. Didn't want to freak out all the neighbors quite yet!

After removing the leaf from my oval table, I "lost" a chair (until Thanksgiving) and am enjoying the coziness of the round set up. I also added drapery panels and "lost" the toile swags for a little update.

The picture below is the AFTER...just a few adjustments here and there. I did, however, break my cardinal rule of Fall decorating...by bringing out the pumpkins BEFORE October...it's usually fall leaves until the end of September..but, oh, well...  

This centerpiece is a McCarty Cotton Row vase with assorted feathers and berries.
I also added placemats...am having horrible computer issues and can't seem
to load the whole dining room shot...ugh.
Small sideboard got the look, too!
Those lampshades are one of my best finds EVER!
When lit, the black velvet leaves show through the front silk panels...
$2.50 each at Ross.

A recently purchased iron birdcage has many possibilities
for the upcoming seasons. Right now it's a candle holder.
Friendly Village china prepares for the upcoming fall
and winter months.
The coffee bar which houses not only all my
coffee supplies, but also part of my nesting
hen collection only got a few berry sprays.
Pitcher and bowls got the treatment with bittersweet vine and leaves.

My "collections" lend themselves to the fall months.
Pine needle  and woven baskets.

Tiny pine needle baskets.

Redware collection...love the colors.

Below is my salt glaze pottery collection.

Buckrun Pottery houses Cream Brulee candle and is surrounded by
little nutmeg McCarty birds.
 At the risk of losing every picture I post...I am going to add a few more with NO comments. Each time I comment, I lose the picture above and below. I have been at this for about 4 hours over the last 2 days.
Computer issues drive me around the bend! My apologies!

Will try one more time...Buckrun pottery bowl and McCarty bunny on coffee table.

Bittersweet vines and branches are such a reminder of fall.

I LOVE this table that I got on an online yardsale.

Pottery Barn basket (that I got on sale)..with fabric pumpkins that I made years ago.
 This has been such a trial...I have no idea what's wrong with Blogger (or it could be the blogger..me)!
I wanted to show you what I have done...not to brag...not to say..."Look at what I did!" but to encourage you to enjoy the moment...to not worry if it's too early to decorate...to not listen to the "it's not time to decorate" naysayers. I love every season. I enjoy letting my home reflect that. Most of my decor has been
gathered over time or made by me. (For the first 25 years of marriage EVERYTHING was made by me.)

 As I age, I find special joy in savoring the little moments life offers. Fall is one of those moments. Just as your children won't stay little forever...neither will you be able to recapture "the moment".

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mississippi artist said...

You have everything looking so comfy and cozy for fall. I see you like the Cottage magazines-they are not as good as they used to be, I don't think-even tho I still buy them. Love the McCarty.