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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mod Podged Matchbox Covers

I feel the footsteps of Christmas nipping at my heels! What about you? I get into a dither about this time every year. Even though I've had plenty of time to do something about it, I haven't done the first thing!

 Between knee surgeries this summer I bought an inexpensive embroidery sewing machine. It's the Brother SE-400. It's the teeny tiny baby Brother to all the fabulous machines on the market, but the hubster knows me well...I never met a craft I didn't like...at least, for a while. So to prove that I really want a nicer machine (one with more bells and whistles) he'd only ok the teeny tiny Brother. And I must admit, so far it's been just fine...

I wanted to craft some inexpensive gifts for little "remembrances" at Christmas...and so I teamed up with burlap, Mod Podge, ribbon and vintage jewelry to make covered matchboxes. I have made small ones before, but these are the large boxes which hold 200-250 matches.
Let's cut to the chase and show you how to do this (and don't worry if you don't have a monogram machine, I made some without monograms for you, too! The principles are still the same.)
Gather your supplies:
Matches were very inexpensive for two boxes.
Mod Podge, large boxes of matches, and your fabric for the top and bottom of the box.
I monogrammed my burlap before starting this project but you could easily purchase an applique if you'd like...this will, however, increase your costs considerably. 
You will need assorted ribbon, twine, glue gun, black acrylic paint and vintage jewelry.
Step one: Remove the tray of matches and paint the top AND bottom of the cover with black acrylic paint. Stand on end and let dry. This is to "erase" all the writing that might show through.
If using light fabric, you may want to use Gesso or white acrylic paint.
After the paint has dried, cover the top with Mod Podge and attach a fabric piece that has been cut to fit the top. You may have to trim the piece a little after the MP has dried.
Press down on the fabric so that it adheres well. Do the same for the other side of the cover.
After the underside of the top fabric has dried, I Mod Podged the topside...but I did skip the monogram.
Now this was a quandary.
 I wasn't sure I wanted to MP the top, so I made this box for myself as a trial run.
Turns out that I like it better without MP'ing the whole thing.
While the MP was drying (which took a while with the burlap),
I assembled a bow and picked out my vintage earring. I removed the clasp.
I wrapped some ribbon around the entire cover.
 (You may want to remind your recipients to strike the match away from the ribbon or they may have one hot mess.)
 Burlap is still drying. :(
Then I attached the bow and clasp with hot glue to the front of the box.
You may notice that the burlap looks a little wonky.
I re-stretched it and neatened it up a bit.
Also don't forget to trim the sides of the burlap so that they fit the box evenly.
I trimmed AFTER this picture....I know, I know.
I followed the same steps with this fabric covered box except
I did NOT Mod Podge the top of this fabric, but I DID MP around all the edges to cut down on fraying.
The same for this burlap...it was easier to MP just around the edges.
I do so love this earring!
Here's the whole happy little matchbox family!
The other four boxes are now residing at Dwellings, my little shop on highway 49 south just outside of Florence, MS...if you are in the area, please, drop by!

Happy Veterans' Day to all who have served our country.
This includes my father, Robert H. Alexander, who was a Naval Aviator and my father in law, John R. McInnis, Jr.  who served in the Army and lost his life in the Korean conflict.

God Bless the USA (please),


Anonymous said...

Another great idea Angela and they look so cute for the holidays.

Shelly @A Creative Space said...

I really like these! I think I am addicted to anything matchbox related. :) They look so cute all in a row.