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Sunday, January 15, 2012

* The Great Cappuccino Incident

For those of you who have been loyal followers for the past few years, thank you. I have been very negligent of my blog and I apologize for the missed opportunities to make you smile or those moments you needed encouragement and I was "out in the work world" and not here. Thank you for continuing to "follow"... I WILL do better, I promise.

And for those of you who regularly read and follow this thing I call "My Life...It's the Only One I Have, Thank you very much"... you will already know that "the Hubster" aka "The Coach" does our grocery shopping. Now, don't start with me about this...he LOVES it. So I say...go for it, Coach!

Well, Saturday, he was preparing his grocery list and asked me to add my needs. I listed a few things... diet Green Tea, Little Debbie's, and so forth, and then I made THE fatal mistake. I added Cappuccino. (Let me enlighten those who don't read this blog regularly...the Hub will NOT use a cell phone so when he enters the electronic doors of Wal Mart, he's on his own.) "How bad could that be?"you ask. Read here, here and here and see. Those of you who know him well, know that he LOVES to please me and he really IS a sweet thing...but I have finally given up on the grocery drama and I just let him alone to do his damage to the check book.

When he read Cappuccino, he began to pace around the kitchen...."You know that they never have the same selection"... "I'll do my best, but they don't have English Toffee"... "What if the hazelnut is an off-brand?" On and on... the fact of the matter is, I just need something in the coffee...it really doesn't matter. Once I made the mistake of saying, "I really like this cappuccino you got me, thanks." From that day forward he has tried in vain to find that exact kind...to no avail.

When I pulled out the pantry shelf this morning to get my coffee making supplies, I could hardly pull the shelf out it was so heavy! Oh, no.... in addition to the coffee (both instant and regular..another story for another time)...there they were...Creamy Hazelnut Cap., Chocolate Mocha Cap., Hazelnut Creamer, Mocha Peppermint Creamer, on and on. One thing for sure, I won't need to make a Cappuccino or Creamer request until 2013.

We were laughing and talking about which muffins to bake this morning as I was fixing my coffee (he doesn't drink coffee) and suddenly I noticed that I had put all the sugar and anything else I was adding to the coffee into the Cappuccino container, not my coffee cup. He asked me why I thought that action was so funny. All I could think of is that we are both getting so old that things that would normally send me around the bend, have sort of become funny. I think I've morphed into my mother. Everything she did like putting something in the wrong container or calling all the grandchildren by the wrong name, I now do. I used to roll my eyes heavenward and pray that I'd never do stuff like that. Oh, well... All's well that ends well.

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May all your coffee be flavored to your taste,


Robin May Wall said...

This made me laugh! You two are hilarious. I also think its hilarious that Coach Mc loves to grocery shop wish he would rub off on my hubs.

CAS said...

I'm so happy I'm not the only one who does things like that. I've added all my coffee accoutrements to my glass of water instead of my cup. Had to laugh about your hubby not using a cell phone. The Man was determined to be the last man standing who didn't have a cell phone, but he weakened when he looked at our son's IPhone. Now he thinks it's the greatest invention since sliced bread, so yours may come around, too....lol!