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Monday, December 12, 2011

Your Dislike Turned into My LOVE!!

Are we on the countdown to Christmas or what?!
We took a swift trip to Paul Michael's in Monroe on Saturday morning...

It was the first Sat. I've had off since Dwellings opened.
At Paul M's I was able to make someone else's mistake my great fortune! While strolling around, I noticed a huge wreath...it was made of lime and copper mesh and leopard french wired ribbon.

Most of PM's wreaths are very pricey and very similar...this one was really creative and I LOVED it! I noticed it had a tag on it that said "Transaction Cancelled"...hmmmmm. I found my #1 lady that normally waits on me and got the good news...it wasn't what the customer envisioned AND (drum roll, please) I got it for 1/4 the normal cost! Oh, happy day!!

I think it's just scrumptious! Below is the view of my tree from outside. (This is NOT the PM wreath...just one that I put on the outside windows.)

One other funny happening...cracked two eggs Monday morning for breakfast and look what I found....two tiny yolks! In all my years of cooking, I've never had that happen before...just had to share! It looks like a little face!

BTW: I was guest blogger on A Hole is to Dig, my friend Hannah's blog...please, join us!

May you find a double yolked egg soon,

1 comment:

Marydon said...

The wreath is fabulous! Love your tree peeking thru it.

Looks like Mickey mouse eggs ... too funny.

Merry Christmas