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Thursday, April 30, 2015

From Salad to Mushrooms and Back Again!!

My mother in law's old green wheel barrow was taking up too much real estate in the garage. Plus, its flat tire made it a behemoth to move around....so when I saw these wooden salad bowls at the thrift store...I had a vision...of a little herb garden. It would be tended by gnomes, with a little help from me. I could have all kinds of herbs for our summer salads!  Here go the steps:

Kilz the bowls and spray both inside and out with
gloss paint.
I used Rustoleum 2X coverage...in RED.

Handy Hubby cut some oak branches and screwed the
mushroom tops into the branches. I only have
$3 invested in the salad bowls, so if they don't
last for years and years...that's quite ok.

Up close....now play around with the placement.
(I painted the barrow, Lagoon, also Rustoleum,
and drilled holes in the bottom of the barrow
for drainage. I covered the holes with pottery
shards to help with drainage.)
Dirt and potting soil were then added.

Make sure you really firm up the dirt around
your mushrooms.
Plantings were mostly Italian type herbs.
I added some flowers and lavender and
an assorted gnomes and a little bird.

Promptly at 6:30 the next a.m., I, in my pj's
and robe, attached vinyl dots.

All that's left is to add mulch and a few
pots of flowers around the bottom to
hide that flat tire!

While on a mushroom roll, I decided to take
a broken planter and an unused birdbath bottom
 to make a larger mushroom...someone said
"a fire hydrant!"...haha

This morning promptly at 7:00 a.m. I filled my
coffee cup and went out to survey. The mulch
really looks nice. I would show you how nice
but I am having trouble adding new pictures..
so just take my word for it, it's cute!

Hope you are having a productive, peaceful day!


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