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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring (At Last!) and Majolica

My new computer and I are having issues. Not only can I NOT get my blog header back up, but I also can't load pictures in a timely manner! Nice computer, but Windows 8 is the pits.

 Now, on a lighter note! I have been outside quite a bit over the past week. Just noticing how green things are and how pretty the flowers are.

Yesterday, while poking around, I found this copper finished bird feeder. It looks so inviting in my crab apple tree. We planted these trees the year my grandson was born, 17 years ago!
I look forward to their annual white tinged with pink blooms each year. In the fall they have the cutest little apples!

I also found a lantern...it is solar powered and I am excited to see if the candle actually lights up after being in the sun all day. It will be a nice touch on the patio! I found them both half price...can't beat Dirt Cheap for great prices.

I did some junkin' and found some great additions to my Majolica collection. Everything on Ebay is sooo high, so when I find something in a shop, I snap it up.

I found this bunny tureen (Haldon Group) awhile back, and yesterday when I saw the little cabbage condiment servers I knew they would be perfect accents. They were made in Portugal by Olfaire.
                               Tureen without the little cabbages and with cabbages below!
I LOVE the black tray! Adds the perfect touch!

 I enjoy collecting English, German, French, Portuguese and Japanese
Majolica. I hope to become more discriminating as my collection grows.
Even though I don't like oysters, I LOVE Majolica oyster plates...but with some selling for over $300, that's a little out of my price range.
Bunnies on the other hand....
                    The piece above is unmarked, so it may be new. But it was too cute to pass up!
The bunnies holding up the leaf is a Haldon Group piece. I really like their work. It's mid-1980's.
They seemed to copy some of the Wedgwood Majolica pieces. Their pieces are more in my price range.  Once, when at a yard sale, I spotted a gold German Majolica pitcher! I was in instant love...and much to my surprise, on the other side of town, I found the matching plate!! How fun is that?

 I may be in green Majolica overload.
The above bowl came with the cabbage condiment servers.

I don't have anything profound to add to your day...just some fun finds and a hope deliberately sent your way...that no matter what the day brings or what great/terrible circumstances you find yourself plowing through...that you will remember just as spring follows a cold winter, the Lord is even more faithful in His promises to you. Hope you have a blessed day.


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Thanks for posting:) you did brighten my Day!!