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Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Popcorn Pillow

A quick update on my duck egg blue popcorn crochet pillow! (Now that's an introductory sentence!)
If you remember several posts ago, I was in turmoil over bringing in the duck egg blue of the foyer into the living room. The great hunt for satisfactory sofa pillows ended and then I decided I needed another blue texture and hit on the idea of crocheting a popcorn pillow.
I've noticed quite a lot of these pillows on Etsy lately, so I jumped right in. Of course, that means buying the correct color of yarn. (I am on a "use up all the supplies you have before you buy anymore kick" and this was against my self imposed rule...however...so I finally found the shade at Hobby Lobby and began.
It adds just enough texture to the loveseat.
I thought about crocheting a second one, but decided against it...
"stop the madness"....as they say.
Now this post wasn't really important, but I had mentioned the popcorn pillow,
and I certainly didn't want to leave you without a happy ending.
Hope you had a productive Saturday.

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