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Friday, March 23, 2012

Self Checkout at Wal Mart

So I almost had a meltdown in Wal Mart this morning...what in the world?!

I was returning some shorts that were too big..for Ryan, not me and before I knew what was happening, tears welled up.

I keep looking around every where I go and thinking to myself,

"In a few weeks, my life as I've known it for over 30 years is coming to a close."

Retirement should be a happy time...

new roads to travel, spare time to fill and new canvases to paint.

Why the long face?

It happened at the Self Checkout.

This is pitiful to admit, but I have never (and I mean that seriously) had time, when shopping in Wal Mart, to learn how to operate the Self Checkout. This morning, I did. It was early and there were no shoppers in sight...the only checkout I was close to was the Self one and the lady wouldn't take me except I do it myself. At first, I was ticked off, but then she came by my side and helped me step by step. She was so nice and told me they were getting more self check outs...she said, "Guess they won't need to hire so many of us then."

For some reason that just hurt me for her.

Tears welled and I had no idea how to answer that and I stupidly said, "Thank you for helping me. This is like pumping gasoline for the first time."

She replied, "It IS, isn't it? Well, you have a good day now,ok?"
I wondered if she would have one...a good day, a good life, I mean.

Life moves on, doesn't it?

Self Checkout is just one more thing to add to the "I learned to do this today" column. Retirement will be the same, I suppose. One more thing I learned to handle. Don't get me wrong...it's what I truly want and need to do, but it, like pumping your first tank of gas, is a little unsettling. My friend, Emily, said it will take me 3-4 months not to feel tired anymore. And my friend, Libby said it would take me longer than that not to always "feel" like I should be doing something.

What a feeling...I DON'T HAVE TO BE SOMEWHERE OR BE DOING SOMETHING I'VE BEEN ASSIGNED TO DO! That seems,well, just sort of unnatural. Can I adjust?

All bets are off...I hope so.


Jennifer Vess said...

The best advice I heard about retirement is this: "Say NO to all requests for your time and involvement for at least 6 months." Retirement is a new turn in your journey, but it will also be a loss. Allow yourself to rest, grieve, and celebrate at YOUR pace. Congrats on your retirement, and thanks for all your years of touching the lives of students and parents.

Amanda said...

I lose the plot every time when using 'self checkout', seem to cause more stress and problems than anything else!

You will adapt to your retirement when you are ready. I know several ladies and gents who have retired and they can run rings round us 'youngsters' in keeping busy!!

Unknown said...

Just know that you will be as busy as you were when going to school every day but it will be on YOUR schedule! Oh, by the way, I am so in awe of you for doing the self-check out thing...I tried it once and it was the most stress thing I have done in a long time. I think I paid for several things twice!

Lee said...

I retired early and can say I have never looked back. The hardest part is the isolation but you can do something about that~make dates with friends to enjoy doing something with others (lunch, shopping, a movie). Now, I have so many interests and friends willing to meet for lunch that my DH is somewhat jealous~so I include him now and then.
Make sure you enjoy yourself! I do. Hugs, Lee